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Norman E. Jones, based in the DMV (Washington, DC, MD & VA) is a multi-faceted artist and entrepreneur who finds creative value in the things many people overlook.


It was the birth of Norman's daughter and capturing her life that ignited a new level of passion for photography. In time, Norman's multiple successes in business afforded him the opportunity to hone his talent behind the camera. And since 2012,  Norman has developed an eclectic portfolio of client work—from cutting-edge editorials to capturing life's everyday moments that help families preserve important memories. 

As Image Plus Studio's owner, Norman's vision for the Studio is "to offer a venue that artists can manipulate, like a canvas, to realize the dreams they too envision."  

Booking a session with Image Plus Studio doesn't include Norman's photography services. 


If you are interested in booking him, click the button below to go to his website. 

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