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We provide a modern
venue for artists to create.
Let us be your canvas.


Booking a session with Image Plus Studio doesn't include any photography services. If you are interested in booking our lead photographer, click the HERE to go to his website. 



We are located just outside the nation’s capital in Bowie, Maryland. Image Plus Studio offers a multi-purpose 3,000 square foot space. We combine functionality with the fashionable in a large, modern, fully renovated studio space available to fit your needs including a custom-made 25' x 20' cyclorama wallConveniently built into the space, is a fully furnished hair and makeup suite and a modern lounge area where your guests can wait comfortably. 

Included with every studio session you book, whether or not you have a MEMBERSHIP are high quality, state of the art photography and videography equipment to help you create beautiful, professional images and to make for an easy no hassle experience.  You will have access to equipment such as multiple Profoto D2 1000, a Profoto 5 foot Octobox and a Profoto Snoot for Zoom Reflector just to name a few. Image Plus Studio is a fantastic studio for almost anything you could think of as a visual creator. If somehow you find that our extensive equipment that we include isn't enough for your project, we have more items available for rent as well. View those items available on the RENTALS page. Listed below are the items included with booking a Image Plus Studio session. 

  • 4 Profoto D2 1000

  • Profoto D1 1000

  • Profoto 5 foot Octobox

  • Profoto 3 foot Octobox

  • 3x4 Profoto Softbox with Grid

  • 2x3 Profoto Softbox with Grid

  • 1x6 Profoto Softboxes with Grids

  • 1x4 Profoto Softboxes with Grids

  • 2 XL  Profoto Umbrella Deep Silver

  • 2 XL Profoto Umbrella Diffuser 1.5

  • 2 Profoto Deep Silver Medium

  • 2 Profoto Umbrella Medium Diffusers 1.5

  • Lastolite Eye lighter with Silver & White Diffuser

  • Profoto Zoom Reflector

  • Profoto 10 Degree Grids for Zoom Reflector

  • Profoto Magnum Zoom Reflector

  • Mola Setti Beauty Dish with Grid 28” White

  • Profoto Softlight Silver Beauty Dish w/ 25 ° Grid

  • Profoto Fresnel Spot

  • Profoto Air Remote For All Cameras

  • Sekonic 758c Light Meter

  • Profoto Snoot for Zoom Reflector

  • 2 Profoto Barn Door Zoom

  • 8x8 Diffusion Square

  • Profoto Hard box

  • 6 Matthew C Stands

  • 2 Impact C Stands

  • 2 Matthew Baby Jr. Rolling Stands

  • Avenger 12.8 Foot Wind Up Stand

  • Avenger 8.5 Foot Wind Up Stand

  • Matthews Baby Boom

  • Matthews Mini Boom

  • Impact 4 Foot Low Boy Folding Wheel Stand

  • Studio Stand with Pro Media Gear Ball Head

  • 25x20 Cyclorama Wall

  • Apple boxes

  • Posing boxes

  • Stools and chairs

  • Multiple grip heads

  • Fog Machine

  • Haze Machine

  • Snow Machine

  • Strobe lights

  • Multiple grip heads

  • Wireless Receivers 

  • Assortment of Gaffer tape

  • Various color background paper

  • Assortment of black & white V flats

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